A photo of me as a kid smiling inside a plastic basket full of stuffed animals. My parents would tie a rope to the end and pull the basket as if it was a carriage.
A photo of me as a kid in my red bicycle wearing my red boots at my old house's patio.

I have always been very creative and curious.

During my childhood, I became obsessed with the renaissance through books, films, and video games. The term Renaissance man —a person with many talents or areas of knowledge— has been on my mind since I stumbled with it.

Thus, an insatiable desire for learning has me wandering across unexplored territories while working on my passions and interests.

I am interested in connecting with the space that surrounds me and exploring life through words, images, and sound.

Gianfranco Suito is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lima, Peru. Specialized in photography, creative writing, and web/GRAPHIC design. Interested in music, film, technology, among others.